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My lizard character is usually in their shiny vinyl pool toy form. They're the shortest of all my characters and an amphibian at heart. They love to swim and hang out outside during summer.

Young and naive, but smart and picks things up quickly. It would be incorrect to call them an airhead if it wasn't for the fact that they're head is, in actuality, filled with air. And, of course, they love a good pool party.

As a security systems analyst and penetration tester, they work pretty closely with Ice Foxx on their missions.


Official NameSea-J
SpeciesInflatable Lizard Pool Toy
PronounsThey / Them
LocationKorrent City
RoleSecurity Systems Analyst / Pen Tester


Height5ft 10in
WeightPretty dang light! They're a pool toy!
TypeAverage build, hollow
Tail Length3.5ft
Eye ColourBlue
Primary ColourBlack
Secondary ColourLight Blue
Tertiary ColourChartreuse
Lower Jaw ColourLight Blue
Footpad ColourChartreuse
Tail ColourBlack, Light Blue with Chartreuse accents underneath
Frill ColourBlack with chartreuse edging


TopsUsually none!
BottomsUsually none, but sometimes they’ll be wearing swimming trunks, colourful shorts, or colourful tight fitting briefs.
AccessoriesNever seen without their goggles on their head.